Useful tool for Job Seekers

Useful tools to ease your life

Useful tool for Job Seekers

Psychometric Test

Do you find it hard to get a job that you like? Are you constantly searching for a new company to work in? Are you unhappy with your current job?

If you answer yes to the questions above, it shows that you don’t understand yourself well enough to work in areas of your interest. Your personality is unique, and not every job suits you, this is why you have to understand yourself and learn why you behave in a certain way in order to find something that you truly love doing.

Do not worry, STJobs offer a free psychometric test for all. Simply sign up for a FREE account with STJobs and discover your hidden gems! Get your free psychometric test result here:

Online Courses

Are you keen on learning some new skills, but just couldn’t find the time to do it? There seems to be an endless amount of work that you have to rush, and you always have to tell yourself that you can start learning ‘next’ time. Well, you don’t have to wait anymore. STJobs Learning offer online courses whereby you can start learning anytime, these online course allow you to pause the lesson and continue during your next available time.

Learning can take place at your convenience. What are you waiting for?

Sign up for a lesson and learn a new skill  now at:

Interview Guides

Interview skill is deemed as one of the most important skill that you must have, because no matter which industry you are going, you will be going through an interview and there’s no exception. Before anything else, you will need to ace your interview skills first, without proper skills, there’s close to zero chance of you getting the job. So, in order to help you prepare for any upcoming interviews, STJobs came up with a few tips.

Find out some interview guides here:



How much are you worth based on your qualifications & experience? Without knowledge about the industry, there’s no way you will know how much you are worth and don’t accept anything lower than what you are worth. It’s about time that you try out Salary Board. It’s a free online information platform which analyze more than 157,000 salary profiles and tell you what you should be paid.

Find out your how much you should be earning now at:

Free Resume Builder

How do you normally write a CV? Do you look for samples online? How should the format, the font size, the layout and the design be?

We found a few free CV Builders to help ease and improve your CV writing experience. Take a look.

  1. EnhanCV

EnhanCV is one of the few CV Builder to offer information import from external source like LinkedIn. They have resume experts on standby most of the time to answer any questions that the public has.  We find it easy to navigate and use the features available.

Try them out at :

  1. SlashCV

SlashCV is a free resume builder that help to craft your resume out within minutes with a professional look. SlashCV does not require you to sign up for an account before using it, but we recommend that you sign up and enjoy the additional resume design options.

This is a good platform for fresh graduates to generate their first resumes.  For free users, there is only basic text editing features and limited file export options .

Build your own professional CV now at:

  1. Canva

Canva is a free online designing software that allow you to create posters, banners and many others, and building a CV is just part of them. They have hundreds of free illustrations, pictures, shapes and background for you to pick and choose. There are over 100 different templates for you to choose from. This is by far, the best CV builder among the 3 options listed.

Create your own professional CV now at:

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