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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

  1. What is STJobs?

    STJobs is a comprehensive and informative platform for both job seekers and job advertisers. Job seekers can post their resumes and get matched with potential jobs while job advertisers can hunt for suitable candidates for their job vacancies.

  2. How can I apply for a job?

    1. Apply as a member
    Register with us at STJobs (it’s free!). After signing in, click ‘Apply as a member’ at the bottom of the job posting. You will be directed to a job application form where contact information and other details are auto-populated based on your profile which you have set previously.

    2. Apply as a non-member
    You may still apply to jobs without a STJobs account. Click ‘Apply as a non-member’ at the bottom of the job posting. You will be directed to a job application form where you are required to fill in contact information and other details. You are encouraged to register for a STJobs account for convenience and ease of job applications.

  3. Where can I know more about advertising my job vacancies at STJobs?

    Click on Contact Us

2. For Job Seekers - Searching

  1. How do I search for jobs in STJobs?

    In the STJobs homepage, type your keywords in Jobs Search and/or search by Job Function. Alternatively, you can also click ‘Search’ and you will be brought to another page with 10 most recent job listings. You may further refine results by Job Function, Industry, Managerial Level and Job Type.

  2. How do I optimise my search results?

    Can’t find what you are looking for? These tips can help you obtain better search results.

    • Use more specific words – Try “Account Manager” instead of “Manager” to narrow your results.
    • Avoid using words that have more than one meaning or can apply across all categories. For example, “model” can refer to car model, clay model or fashion model.
    • Instead of entering specific keywords, try our Advanced search .The pre-determined fields in Advanced search will help you make a more optimised search without having to think of the keywords yourself.

3. For Job Seekers - Registration and account maintenance

  1. Why do I need to register to post my resume or apply for a job?
      Be headhunted
    • This is so that potential employers will be able to look for you via their pre-set candidate settings. For e.g. a company looking for someone who has Japanese language skills receive resumes of candidates who meet that criterion.
    • Keep track of job applications
    • Login to MyAccount and get an overview of all job applications.
    • Get Job Alerts and Recommendations
    • These are sent via email on a daily/weekly basis, depending on your MyAccount preferences.
  2. I’ve changed my contact details/ email address, how can I update it in my account?

    After signing in, go to MyAccount > ‘My Profile’. Click on ‘Edit’ > ‘Update my account’ and you can proceed to update your particulars.

  3. How do I subscribe/ unsubscribe from the STJobs newsletter?

    Once you sign up with STJobs, you will be given the option to subscribe to our newsletters.

    To unsubscribe from our newsletters, click on the “unsubscribe” link right at the bottom of the email message. This will lead you to a page where you are given 3 options. Select “Never email me again”.

    Alternatively, you may unsubscribe by signing in to MyAccount > ‘My Profile’ > ‘Edit’ > Scroll to bottom > ‘My Subscriptions’, then uncheck STJobs Newsletter and/or 3rd Party Newsletter.

4. For Job Seekers - Facebook Connect

  1. What is Facebook Connect?

    Facebook Connect allows you to login to STJobs using your Facebook account and password. It means you can now login to STJobs without registering for a new account on STJobs

  2. What happens when you login to STJobs for the first time using Facebook Connect?

    When you click login using Facebook, you will be presented a screen from Facebook to login into your account. If you have logged in to Facebook, you will need to accept an authorisation request that allows STJobs to post on your Facebook wall. Adjust your permission settings and click on “Go to App” and you’re done.

  3. I am a first time user and have signed in using Facebook Connect. Do I still need to create a STJobs account?

    No, you do not have to create another STJobs account; however you have to continue signing in through this option. Your Facebook email and password will not enable you to login using the STJobs account signin.

  4. I have created a STJobs account using both Facebook and STJobs, will my account information be synchronised between these two accounts?

    The information will only be synchronised if you select the 'Link to Facebook' under My Profile in My Account.

  5. How can I unlink my Facebook account with my STJobs account?

    Select the 'Link to Facebook' option in your account under My Profile in My Account.

  6. What happens when you login to STJobs for the first time using Facebook Connect?

    Login in to your STJobs account, go to My Profile on your dashboard, click on 'Edit', select 'Update Profile', go to 'My Facebook Account' and click on the 'Unlink'. Do note that if you choose this option, your STJobs profile will no longer be in the system.

  7. I am a first time user and have signed in using Facebook Connect. Do I still need to create a STJobs account?

    This is because your Facebook account is still running. To be signed out of your STJobs account completely, you will need to logout of your Facebook account.

  8. I have created a STJobs account using both Facebook and STJobs, will my account information be synchronised between these two accounts?

    The functionality is not up yet in Cars & Shops. Meanwhile you can continue to sign in to both Cars & Shops using your ST701 account.

5. For Job Seekers - My STJobs Account

  1. What is Profile Completeness?

    Profile Completeness is the percentage of which you have filled up your job profile. The more complete your job profile is, the more job recommendations you will receive.

  2. Why is ‘My Recommended Jobs’ not accurate?

    For more accurate recommendations, you may want to update ‘Preferred Fields of Work’ and ‘Preferred Job Levels’ under ‘My Job Preferences’.

    To ensure delivery of Recommended Jobs, set Email Frequency for My Recommended Jobs Email Alert by selecting Daily/Weekly/Monthly.

  3. What kind of job offers will I be receiving in ‘My Recommended Jobs’?

    Job positions in your ‘My Recommended Jobs’ are those which are a match to your job profile, and also meet your pre-set criteria under ‘My Job Preferences’.

6. For Job Seekers - Resume Posting

  1. How do I post my resume?

    After filling out your profile, attach your resume at ‘My Resumes’. A complete profile with a resume /s will increase your visibility to potential employers and thus, you will be able to receive more job recommendations.

  2. How many resumes can I upload?

    You can upload a maximum of 5 resumes.

  3. If I alre ady have a few resumes uploaded, can I use them repeatedly?

    Yes. In fact, you can send different resumes to different employers. It is up to you which one you want to use. If there is a certain resume you want to send to most employers, you can set it as your default resume.

  4. I don’t have a resume. Can STJobs help me draft one?

    Go to ‘My Resumes’ look under ‘Create a New Resume’ and select ‘Create New Resume via Resume Wizard’ and it will guide you step-by-step in drafting out a resume.

  5. How do I use Resume Scan?

    Go to ‘My Resumes’, look under ‘Create a New Resume’ and select ‘Resume Scan’ and upload file. Our intuitive CV parsing system will automatically dispatch your particulars in to the required fields for a STJobs resume. Minimal editing is required. Your resume in its original format will be stored in your account, along with the STJobs resume (for employers to look at your particulars in a quick glance).

  6. Can I directly apply for a job position with a resume, without filling out ‘My Profile’?

    Yes. Just click ‘Apply’ in the job listing, fill out the application form and attach your resume.

  7. What resume file types are accepted?

    Only 5 file types are accepted: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .pdf files.

  8. What is the maximum resume file size I can upload?

    The file size should not exceed 1MB.

  9. Can I add my photo? How many photos are allowed?

    Yes, you can add your photo in ‘My Resume’. Only one photo is allowed. Images should be in .jpg, .gif or .png and should be no bigger than 2MB.

  10. I encountered problems uploading my resume. Help?

    If you have this error message: "Ensure that the file is not write-protected", you have uploaded the maximum of 5 resumes. Please view/edit/delete your resume.

    You could also have uploaded a resume that exceeded 1MB in file size or uploaded resumes of a file type other than .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf and .pdf

  11. How do I keep my resume and contact information invisible from other employers?

    Login to your account -> My Resumes

    To keep resume and contact information invisible to other employers, select ‘Non-searchable’ under Privacy Level. Your resume will not appear in Candidate Search, a function made available to some employers.

    However, if you are open to being headhunted, select ‘Confidential’ under Privacy Level. Your resume will appear in Candidate Search, with limited information. Employers would have to send a request to view your full resume.

7. For Employers

  1. What are the rates of posting job positions? Are there special rates for certain packages?

    View rates here
    For further enquiries, email to

  2. I purchased a job package with STJobs. How do I start posting job vacancies?

    Sign in from the Employers Login in the ‘Employers’ section and proceed to ‘Create Job Posting’.

  3. I cannot login to STJobs. Why is that?

    You have to click on Employer tab instead of logging in through the Job Seeker tab. Go to ‘Employers’ tab and login from there.

  4. I am able to login but unable to publish job positions. Why is that?

    You will need to purchase a job package first in order to publish any job positions. Please send your enquiries to

  5. Why doesn’t my job ad show up in the search?

    Your job ad may not necessarily appear at the top of the other ads once you published it. You can look for it by typing in the exact job position name or choosing the right job category.

  6. Can my job ad be given priority (for e.g. given a special ad space)?

    Yes, we have packages to cater for every need. For enquiries on special ad space, email to or send your enquiries using our contact us form.

  7. My job vacancy is already filled. Can I delete the ad (expire the ad prematurely)?

    Yes you may, by sending a request to and we will help you expire it. Alternatively you can let the ad expire after the 30th day from the date of publication.

  8. Can I direct applicants’ resumes to my personal email address?

    Yes. Go to ‘Edit’ under Actions look for ‘Application Options’, choose the first option and check accordingly if you want members and non-members to reach you. Don’t forget to click ‘add’ after keying in your email address.

  9. Where can I find the list of applicants/candidates for the job positions I posted?

    You can find the list under ‘Unprocessed’. To view Recruitment Summary, click on the number under ‘Applied’.

    You may process applications by moving them to other folders such as ‘Shortlisted’, ‘Interview’ or ‘Rejected’.

  10. Can I search for my own candidates?

    Yes. STJobs has a special package available for employers who want to search for their own candidates. For more information, email to or send your enquiries via our contact us page.

  11. I want to update my company profile. Where do I go?

    Click on ‘MyAccount’ and update your company profile there.

8. Guides, Articles, Seminars

  1. What other useful information can I find in STJobs?

    At STJobs, you can find information to help you along your job quest. Career Resources - an editorially curated set of articles from SPH's reputed suite of newspaper offerings such as The Straits Times, The Business Times and Cats Recruit - provide you with daily updates on information such as employment conditions, recruitment trends and job tips to stay abreast of competition.

  2. What are the seminars held monthly?

    STJobs holds monthly seminars that range from client engagement to marketing strategies. The seminars are aimed to provide STJobs members and non-members a professional platform from where they can learn and upgrade their skills for an enhanced job profile.

    Visit for more information on upcoming workshops and seminars.