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[Expired] Lead Specialist, ACG (Agency for Care Effectiveness)

Posted On :22 Feb 2018


Job Summary

  • Salary:   Undisclosed
  • Location: Singapore - South
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
  • Min. Education Level: Masters
  • Field of Study: Healthcare Management, Economics, Statistics
  • Years of Experience: 8
  • Skills: Communications skills, Project management

Job Descriptions


The Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) is a new Health Technology Assessment (HTA) entity within MOH. The role of ACE is to a) support national policy decision making through evidence-based assessments and appraisals; b) produce national Guidance on appropriate care; and c) design and deliver interventions that promote adoption of appropriate care.
The Lead Specialist reports to the Head of the Appropriate Care Office (ACO) under ACE. ACO’s focus is to design, develop and deliver educational and behavioural change interventions to health professionals.
As the Lead Specialist for Appropriate Care Guide (ACG), you will be responsible for
  • providing technical leadership in methodologies related to developing behavioural change and appropriate care products;
  • advising relevant expert groups on technical matters related to the evidence base required for ACG;
  • line manage a team of Senior Specialists and Specialists;
  • ensuring quality assurance of the outputs of ACG; e) evaluating risks associated with individual projects;
  • working with policy makers and other stakeholders to facilitate successful dissemination of ACG; and
  • collaborate with other Lead Specialists to ensure consistent messaging and inclusion of recommendations on cost effective use of technologies when appropriate.
  • Manage activities related to the design and ongoing development, writing and reviewing of appropriate care products
  • Provide leadership on all technical issues related to appropriate care products (e.g. ACGs)
  • Provide technical advice and support to the chairperson and members of expert groups
  • Lead development of new technical initiatives related to appropriate care products
  • Working with the expert group chairperson and Head of Appropriate Care Office to formulate the Agency’s response to issues raised at appeal and responding to questions as needed
  • Assign responsibility for specific topics, projects and reviews to appropriate Specialists
  • Recruit and line manage Senior Specialists and Specialists, including performance review, setting objectives and personal development plans, providing practical support and advice on day-to-day work
Critical appraisal skills
  • Critically appraise relevant clinical research studies, epidemiological data, and other information such as guidelines
  • Evaluate the validity and relevance of data or international guidelines which may be complex and/or conflicting from a variety of sources
  • Critique work carried out by other staff both within Agency and that by external parties
  • Assess completeness of the evidence base, identify gaps and highlight important issues for discussion by relevant staff or expert group members
  • Define and ensure quality standards and processes
  • Evaluate the risks associated with individual projects, including issues such as off label use of certain technologies, completeness of the evidence base and the potential for additional analyses.
  • Participate in meetings such as scoping workshops and expert group meetings
  • Technical sign-off of documents for external consultation
  • In conjunction with the Head of Appropriate Care Office, ensuring adequate operational technical capacity for each project
  • Balance the workload of multiple projects at different stages of development
  • Assist Head of Appropriate Care Office in resource planning
Implementation & evaluation of impact
  • Work with Planning and Policy team and other stakeholders to ensure successful dissemination and implementation of appropriate care products
  • Develop and maintain records of work to ensure an audit trail
  • Establish and execute an evaluation framework for ACGs
  • Assign specialists to conduct evaluation of the impact of ACG
  • Review and sign off evaluation reports
Communication & engagement
  • Maintain links with external academic, professional and clinical institutions to ensure current best practice
  • Promoting the technical work of the Agency to be recognised as an excellence centre for promoting evidence based and cost effective care in Singapore
  • Regular communication with other Divisions within MOH and external stakeholders (e.g. Academy of Medicines, clinical experts)
  • Advise on training needs of the technical team and provision of such training
  • Conduct courses and workshops for staff and stakeholders as needed
  • Give professional supervision to specialists to improve, identify training needs and develop
  • Induction of new members of Agency staff and Committees
  • Supervision of students or interns
  • Undertake continuing personal and professional development to meet changing demands of the job and to satisfy the required technical competencies
Commissioning & quality assurance
  • When ACG development is commissioned externally, to develop commissioning specifications
  • Identify appropriate partners to whom projects may be commissioned
  • Provide QA for externally commissioned projects as well as internal work conducted by internal staff
  • Degree in healthcare field
  • Post graduate qualifications in health economics, statistics or epidemiology
  • At least 8 years of relevant experience in HTA or evidence-based methodologies
  • Critical appraisal skills that can be applied to rigorous interpretation of guidelines and scientific studies
  • Experienced in project management
  • Experienced in supervising and managing staff
  • A commitment to excellence in quality of research and outputs
  • Excellent time management and discipline in meeting deadlines
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work well with others and build networks

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