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[Expired] Retail Luxury Brand Store Manager

Posted On :21 Nov 2017


Job Summary

  • Salary:   5000 - 10000
  • Location: Singapore - Central
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
  • Min. Education Level: Diploma
  • Field of Study: Not Applicable
  • Years of Experience: 3
  • Skills: retail sales

Job Descriptions

1. Store sales and service quality management

Business management

- Proposing the budget for store purchases

- Marketing analysis of commercial and financial indicators of the store

- Reporting the relevant business information to the retail manager and propose solutions

- Controlling the variable costs and above all the personnel expenses within the budgets

- Following and respecting the Company’s procedures

Sales development/service management

- Managing sales and service quality

- Cross selling to increase the average sale per customer

- Handle customer complaints and returns according to the company regulations

- Monitoring, developing new customers and ensuring their loyalty according to the Customer Management activities and using the Direct Marketing tools to enhance the business

- Managing the correct use of CRM in the store

- Develop outside public relations in the local community to increase business and get new customers

2. Product management

- Participating in the buying process with Retail manager/Merchandiser for the store, according to the HQ retail guidelines

- Determining the re-stocking and reacting quickly to the market’s demands to maximise the sales

- Communicating all the information concerning the customers’ reaction to the products, the problems in accepting the products (price, quality, style) and the market opportunities for new products up and down the line

- Analysing qualitative purchase results, determining which are the “best sellers” and “worst sellers”

- Taking care that the stock inventories take place in an effective and organised way and checking that the correct figures are provided according to the Company’s internal procedures

- Setting up the collection in the store according to the Company’s merchandising policy and ensuring the implementation of the Company’s merchandising plans

- Verifying the adequacy between the merchandising rules set by headquarters and the reality of the environment to optimise the sales

3. People management

- Spending most of the time on the sales floor, coaching and training the staff to improve their sales techniques

- Participate in the recruiting, training, animating and developing the team

- Developing and maintaining a good team work to enhance the motivation and create enthusiasm throughout the sales force

- Maintaining an open communication policy in the organisation and making sure that all the personnel receive the information necessary on the Company, the products and the sales techniques

- Maintaining a complete structure of personnel and making sure that there is enough sales force on the shop floor

- Defining priorities and delegating different tasks to the employees to obtain the maximum effectiveness and store productivity

- Monitoring the dress code of the sales force

- Organising and animating the shop meetings on a regular basis

- Setting ambitious goals and performance and insisting that they are reached

- Being responsible for the evaluation of the sales staff

- Being aware of the employees’ problems and taking any actions to help problem solving

- Being the channel for feedback on employee climate/moral

4. Visual & Image management

- Maintaining an excellent level of the presentation of the shop interiors, the mannequins and the windows

- Being the ambassador of the Company’s image and style

- Setting up the collection in the store according to the Company’s merchandising policy and ensuring the implementation of the Company’s merchandising plans

5. Store and security operations management

- Assuring the general maintenance of the shop and daily managing the maintenance problems to maintain the Company’s standard

- Management of oversight of Store Finances

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