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[Expired] Sale Management Trainee

F6 Global (Department F6 United)
Posted On :28 Sep 2013


Job Summary

  • Salary:   Undisclosed
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
  • Min. Education Level: 'N' / 'O' Levels
  • Field of Study: Business, Human Resource Management
  • Skills: Willing to attend weekly free training

Job Descriptions

Why You Should Join Us…

  • You are sick and tired of doing the same routine and lethargic job for your boss daily!
  • You feel horrible dragging yourself out of bed every morning, rushing to work during the morning rush hours, taking public transports that are packed like sardines or being stressed stuck in traffic jams!
  • You feel that you have little to no time for your loved ones or to do the simple things you love!
  • You work so hard, yet no one ever appreciates it!
  • No matter how hard you work, your pay-checks never seem to increase proportionately to the effort you put in!
  • No matter how much you earn, you are still in debt!
  • You have no future, you have no dreams!
  • The last time you took a dream vacation was when?! More than 2 years ago??

How long do you want it to carry on like this?

Let us show you what you are missing out in life! We provide:

  • An exciting journey as a business professional
  • A changing work environment that is never the same with the daily challenges that you are empowered to face
  • Flexible working hours away from the morning rush hours
  • More time for your loved ones and more freedom to do more with your life
  • Be appreciated and recognised for your efforts on stage at our corporate events worldwide
  • Training and mentorship programs from experienced high achievers in the industry to bring you all the way to the top
  • You will never be short-changed for your work ever again
  • You write your own pay-check
  • Career advancements are based on accomplishments and results, not on personal favours
  •  Exciting and great overseas travel opportunities
  •  Car payment grants available for top management positions


Job Benefits

Please forward your resume to 

Only Short-Listed Applicant will be Contacted.

Thank you for your kind Interest.

About This Company


Based in Singapore and expanding aggressively across Asia Pacific, F6 United (part of F6 Global Group), consists of professionals who have gathered together to spread our common vision, goals and mission to aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

We are dedicated to helping people find that untapped potential they forgot they had. We will drag people one by one to reach financial freedom if we have to!

Our Founder, Mr Kevin Kong, is a visionary leader, mentor and business coach to thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide with over 13 years of experience in the industry. Having achieved great financial success in the real estate and direct selling industries, he has since coached thousands of people in Asia.

He founded F6 United Group with a company of like minded individuals to help millions of people change their lives through entrepreneurship.

“Our Vision is to become the most respected professional network of business entrepreneurs in the world.”

“Our Mission is to empower aspiring business entrepreneurs around the world with the best opportunity platform, the best support system and the best environment to achieve absolute success in their lives.”

Join our global family and help millions change their lives forever!

F6 United is house to a team of dynamic and competent Business Representatives who believe in the virtues of teamwork and the spirit of open communication. Based on proven track records, it is our provision of professional and reliable training and mentorship that makes F6 United an established and known group in this competitive and fast paced industry.

Today, our doors are open to welcome only the most dynamic players into our fun organization. By that, we mean to reach out to individuals such as yourself - great problem solvers, creative thinkers and above all else, have a ferocious drive to succeed and make changes to people’s lives. It is in our arena that you will find your abilities put to real tests that will hone your inner potential to bring you to unimaginable heights in your life.

Are you ready to supersede yourself? Great… Let’s start with coffee!

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