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[Expired] Senior Executive, Registry of Trade Marks

Posted On :14 Sep 2013


Job Summary

  • Salary:   Undisclosed
  • Work Type: Permanent / Full Time
  • Min. Education Level: Degree
  • Field of Study: Business
  • Years of Experience: 2
  • Skills: Communications skills, Multi-tasking, Interpersonal skills, Presentation skills

Job Descriptions


Examining a trade mark application requires a combination of good analytical skills and some understanding of, or interest in, how businesses brand, market and identify themselves.

Broadly speaking, the examiner has to:

  • Decide if a trade mark distinctly identifies the trade origin of the relevant goods/services applied for
  • Conduct a search for conflicting marks that are on the trade mark register
  • Review the description of goods/services where the trade mark will be used against international standards of classifying such goods/services

Trade mark examiners are expected to communicate with applicants or their legal representatives on the outcome of the examination, raise objections to the application, if need be, and consider responses from applicants to these objections.

Examiners also have to provide assistance to members of the public who have queries on trade mark related matters.

Apart from examination of applications, an examiner will also be asked to take on administrative roles and responsibilities which are necessary for the proper functioning of the department and to meet the larger organizational goals of IPOS.

Lastly, as you develop in seniority and deepen your expertise as a professional examiner, your role will expand to include supervision, mentoring and coaching responsibilities.


Successful applicants should demonstrate the following credentials, qualities and skills:

  • Hold a university degree (from any background) with a good academic standing
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills, and an awareness of the need to provide good customer service
  • Demonstrate sound research, analytical, comprehension and decision-making skills
  • Be good with details
  • Be interested in, or have some understanding of, how businesses brand, market and identify themselves
  • Be self motivated and driven to excel and meet challenges
  • Be able to work collaboratively and cooperatively in a team environment whilst being responsible for individual output targets and deadlines
  • Be able to multi-task and manage projects concurrently from time to time

About This Company

Where bright sparks set off The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore or IPOS is the lead government agency that formulates and administers Intellectual Property laws, promotes IP awareness and provides the infrastructure to facilitate greater development of Intellectual Property in Singapore. We are looking for astute individuals to be at the forefront of our exciting team. Come as we light your way to a more rewarding career.

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