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[Expired] Senior Executive, Volunteer Management

Posted On :25 Jan 2018


Job Summary

  • Salary:   3560 - 5000
  • Location: Singapore - South
  • Work Type: Contract
  • Min. Education Level: Degree
  • Field of Study: Sociology
  • Years of Experience: 3
  • Skills: adaptable and ability to see different perspectives

Job Descriptions


  1. Volunteer Development, Management and Relations

  2. Work with the Manager, Volunteer Management as well as with other programme heads in identifying volunteer opportunities that relate to the needs of SPD.

  3. Recruit, develop, manage, train, deploy and retain SPD volunteers to complement and augment SPD’s human resource capital, increase engagement with the community, and promote the interest and welfare of SPD.

  4. Work with other divisions to implement, monitor and evaluate volunteer initiatives and activities to ensure effectiveness in meeting SPD’s objectives.

  5. Develop, review and streamline volunteer policies, systems procedures and standards of volunteer service in SPD for greater efficiency.

  6. Initiate, manage SPD’s volunteer acknowledgement and appreciation programmes and activities.

  7. Organise and coordinate volunteer training programmes.

  8. Sustain volunteer involvement/interests and evaluating volunteer performances.

  9. Network with external agencies on volunteerism needs and trends, and possible collaborations.

  10. Explore and garner available resources in the market to adopt/implement a volunteer management database system for SPD.

  11. Work on organisational wide, or cross-divisional projects as assigned from time to time.

  12. Any other duties as assigned by the Executive Director, or the Director, Organisational Development.


  1. A Bachelor degree in any discipline related to social sciences or business administration.

  2. 3 to 5 years of experience in community or volunteer Management.

  3. Analytical, flexible, resilient, adaptable and ability to see different perspectives and draw connectivity.

(Note: This Job Description is subject to change as and when necessary).

About This Company


SPD is a voluntary welfare organisation with over 50 years of history and a staff strength of about 400. At SPD, we work towards the integration of people with disabilities into mainstream society. Through programmes and services that encompass therapy, employment support, vocational training, educational support, assistive technology, day care as well as social service support, we partner people with disabilities as well as the community-at-large to help maximise the potential of those with disabilities so that they can be self-reliant and independent.


The Purpose of Our Work

We are guided by the vision to build an inclusive society for people with disabilities and strive to enable and empower them to be active members of this community. At the same time, we passionately advocate for greater acceptance and understanding of people with disabilities in school, at the workplace and in the community. 


With this in mind, we invite all those who share our vision to join us on this rewarding journey towards enriching lives.


A Nurturing Work Culture                                                              

For many staff, SPD presents opportunities for growth – both on the professional and personal fronts. In place is a nurturing culture that applauds initiative, and where employees are encouraged to contribute ideas and challenge the status quo.


A Rewarding Career Awaits You

SPD offers a wide spectrum of support for persons with disabilities and hires a diverse pool of talent – early intervention educators, social workers, case management officers, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, employment support specialists, vocational trainers, as well as support personnel in finance, IT, advocacy, communications and fundraising.


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