Ministry of Health (MOH)

Close to heart

Research analyst Ms Deanette Pang shares how working at Ministry of Health keeps her passion going

The spotlight falls again on the Ministry of Health (MOH) this year. It has consistently been on the list of most desired employers in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector at Singapore’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers. With that on record, one can’t help but wonder what it’s like to work with one of the best employ-ers in the healthcare sector.

“MOH has a framework in place which takes an integrated approach in promoting the holistic wellness of employees in the physical, mental and social aspects, besides a comprehensive rewards and recognition framework for the staff,” says MOH’s human resource partnership senior manager Mr Yong Khian Chua.

Research analyst Deanette Pang, 25, has been part of the ministry’s policy research and eva luation division since 2016. She explains what motivates her in her job.

You started as an intern at MOH before joining the ministry full-time in 2016. Why did you choose to be part of MOH?

While I was studying at National University of Singapore, I deliberately planned my modules in such a way that I can take up an internship in my last semester. And it so happens that the ministry’s policy research and evaluation division had an opening back then. It was an eye-opener for me as the work turned out to be very different from what I had imagined. The work felt very close to heart and I could see how it can make an impact on patients.

I wanted to be a part of MOH simply because healthcare is so meaningful; it is a basic but essential need for everyone. Without good health, there’s nothing else we can talk about and MOH is where we can help improve the health of the general population.

MOH is the only organisation you’ve ever worked for since graduation. How has MOH helped you grow in your career?

When I first started out, my research topics were more generic and revolved around trends in disease and utilisation patterns. But as I gradually gained more experience talking to different stake-holders both within and outside of the ministry, I have geared my work towards identifying pain points and exact areas where we should focus our resources.

My mentors are also inspiring. Because they are so experienced, it is always great to speak to them to find out if a new area I’m intending to embark on will gain traction on the ground. If not, they’ll help me look at the same issue from another perspective.

What makes working at MOH exciting and fulfilling?

Everyone is so friendly and helpful, whether within or across divisions. Bosses are very approachable as well and you can always look to them for guidance. Constant engagement with clinicians also helps you stay in touch with issues on the ground.