Being a university professor tops the list of least stressful careers for 2013, according to a new report on the least and most stressful professions by recruitment consultancy

"The report analysed 200 different professions, measuring work environment, job competitiveness and risk to determine the rankings.

The field's high growth opportunities and minimal health risks in a low-stress, pleasant work environment makes the job of university professor the envy of many career professionals," said CareerCast publisher Tony Lee.

Universities are expected to add 305,700 adjunct and tenure-track professorial positions by 2020, the BLS reports.

Being a seamstress or a tailor earned second place on the least stressful jobs for 2013 for its low safety risks, limited physical demands and peaceful work environment.

A handful of careers in the medical industry also made the 10 least stressful rankings, including medical records technician, medical laboratory technician, audiologist and dietitian.

That's good news for job seekers in the current economic environment, because the healthcare industry is expected to be the highest growth sector in the next decade.