Like it or not, work occupies an enormous amount of our entire lives and will always contribute more or less to frustration and stress. To be a positive person, we need to feel happy at work. Many employees are not unhappy, but most of them simply associate work with an unhappy place. However, it has been found out that people who’re happy in their workplace are more productive than those who’re not.

It is imperative to stay as positive as possible, even when times are tough. It not only benefits your job but also your emotional and mental wellbeing. There are some pretty simple things which you can do to help make your workspace therapeutic. Relax yourself whenever possible to keep yourself from having unnecessary stress. Here are some tips to help you stay happy at work.

1. Positive thinking

Happiness is largely a choice. Try to keep in mind the things that you like about your job, and some of the opportunities it can bring to you. The more positive you are about your work, the more you will find that working is enjoyable. If you find your work boring, then shift your focus to other positive aspects like your friends and colleagues.

2. Keep personal issues to yourself

We are all multifaceted individuals, which means that we’ve a lot more going on in our lives than just work. But when it’s time to be at work, it’s advisable to leave problems or important affairs at home, where they belong. When you are preoccupied with personal problems, you’ll find it difficult to concentrate at work, and that makes you less professional.

3. Stay organised

Keep good records, arrive at work on time, and come up with a schedule that you can actually manage. This way, you are the one who controls your workload, and not the other way round When your superiors and colleagues see that you are organised, they will know that you are a professional who is proactive and responsible. Others will be more likely to express confidence in your work, and perhaps be motivated to follow your lead.

4. Have some fun

Decorate your desk to add colours to your space. Design the area that will allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed. Simple items like photos, flowers or fragrance diffusers can really set the right mood for you. Make your workstation a fun-filled one; order snacks during tea break or go for drinks together with your co-workers on Fridays. It will foster good working relations.

5. Adopt a healthy diet

When you eat right and keep yourself hydrated, you are helping your body maintain sufficient energy levels to let you complete your work to the best of your ability. A tip would be to bring food which will help you maintain a balanced diet, such as fruits and vegetables. Treat them as snacks to keep you awake while working. Drink plenty of water as well. Bananas are also great energy providers!

6. Develop friendships

Your day at work can suddenly turn stressful or consuming. Make friends in your office so that you can have some interesting engagements with them other than just work. Having a social life will greatly enhance your productivity at work. You should always be wise about what you say or telling people about your feelings, but expressing yourself to those who understand you can go a long way when you need it.

7. Take a break

As a professional who is concentrating hard and consistently solving problems, note that it is perfectly okay to step away from your workspace and take a breather if you need it. Use the time to get some fresh air while taking a walk. Or you can fix yourself some soothing tea to calm your nerves; a stressed up person is definitely not a happy person.

8. Don’t stay static

These days, it is very common to have jobs which don’t require you to move your body. Deskbound jobs may leave you with little or no chance to move around much. Thus, it’s up to you to keep yourself active. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine as it will provide you with more energy for the next day when you work. Take brisk walks after lunch or hit the gym after work. Do whatever it takes to keep your body agile.

9. Avoid office politics

Do not ever indulge yourself in gossips about co-workers in the office. Office politics has far-reaching consequences and it can seriously mar your work environment. If you find anyone engaging in gossips or backstabbing, stay away from them.

10. Reward yourself

Every time you do a great job at work, give yourself a pat on the back. You don’t have to wait for the boss to recognise the work that you’ve done. Give yourself a treat as your reward for the job well done. A positive attitude like this can influence your mood at work. If you’re happy, you will naturally be motivated to work better.


It’s important to focus on the right things at work. Try to make these the focal point of your day - like the part of your job which you really enjoy, or the colleagues whom you really like. Nobody said it is easy, but sometimes a quick reminder can do wonders! You will eventually realise how the little things can create a huge impact in your life.

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