THE annual tax filing season started yesterday but most people will not have to move a muscle as they come under the taxman's no-filing service.

The system began in 2007 with just 45,000 users but has grown to cover more than 1.1 million people this year, covering about 60 per cent of Singapore's 1.92 million taxpayers.

Under the no-filing service, taxpayers who have been told that they are eligible for the no-filing system will not need to file a return.

They will need to file only if they have additional income to declare or changes to make to personal reliefs.

The other 40 per cent of taxpayers who are not on the service will have to file their taxes at the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (Iras) website by April 18.

Individuals will enjoy a special one-off personal tax rebate, capped at $1,500, which was announced in Monday's Budget.

Salesman Edwin Teng, 44, said he was under the no-filing service last year but has set a reminder to visit the website this year because he had a second child last year and wants to claim the extra relief.

Parents are entitled to claim the Parenthood Tax Rebate of $5,000 for their first child, $10,000 for the second and $20,000 for the third and each subsequent child.

"Last year, I completely forgot about filing taxes because I didn't need to. But this year, I want to claim the extra tax relief. I love my children," he said.