JASON Electronics director Joseph Foo sees the Wage Credit Scheme as an "excellent" move that could help his company achieve two things at once - raise productivity and reward its 200 employees.

The company, set up in 1976, designs and supplies electronic equipment for the marine and offshore oil and gas sectors, and also does repair and maintenance work for such gadgets.

"We have been thinking about investing in technology that can help us raise our output or make our work processes more efficient so that we can increase productivity," said Mr Foo.

For example, it is mulling over upgrading its IT infrastructure and electronic resource planning system.

This is a program that keeps track of all its inventory and can alert employees if stock is running low.

Aside from sharing any savings from such improvements with workers, Mr Foo said the company would also like to invest in more training for them.

The Wage Credit Scheme also supports Jason's own human resource efforts. Last year, it tapped Spring Singapore's Human Resource Capability programme to implement a competitive compensation policy.

It put in place a new performance appraisal system, career development plans and a training road map. Since then, staff turnover has halved.