NURSES at Rasa Sayang Healthcare can soon bring their work home, thanks to a new pilot project.

It is one of the organisations under the Infocomm Development Authority's new work-from-home pilot scheme, disclosed in Parliament yesterday.

The company, which provides home nursing services to the elderly, is planning to implement a new system that will let its staff complete administrative matters online.

Currently, staff members have to collect their daily assignments from the company office in Kallang.

Upon completion of these, they have to return to the office and file a report before they can go home.

This process will be made easier by issuing staff with tablets and laptops so that they can receive assignments and file reports at home and on the go, reducing travelling time before and after work.

"The new system will help improve the work-life balance of our staff," said Ms Chan Mian See, 43, manager of Rasa Sayang.

"We understand that our nurses may have young children or elderly to take care of at home, so this new system will let them spend more time with them," explained Ms Chan, whose 89-year-old mother-in-law lives with her at home.

This way, Rasa Sayang also hopes to attract housewives willing to work part-time in the nursing industry.

Ms Chan said the use of technology will also help in eliminating errors and reducing labour intensity, as well as cutting down on paper usage.

The pilot programme is currently being tested out on three nurses and three customer service staff.

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