WOMEN are more likely to use their year-end bonus for a holiday while men would prefer to invest it, a survey of the "rising rich" by UOB has found.

It found four in 10 women in this category put splashing out on a holiday as their top bonus spending priority, while only three in 10 men did.

About 32 per cent of men polled would choose to invest the extra cash as their main goal but only 19 per cent of women would do so, said the annual survey of individuals with liquid assets under management of between $100,000 and $350,000.

Overall, 57 per cent of the 516 "rising rich" respondents said they would save at least half their year-end bonus from last year.

This is down from a year ago, when two-thirds said they would save at least half their 2011 bonus.

The results of the survey, conducted last November, show that this group of comfortably-off individuals are practical while striving for balance in life, the bank said in a press release yesterday.

"Even as they strive to increase their financial standing, they also reward themselves for their hard work," said UOB managing director and head of sales and distribution James Phoen.

Apart from vacations and investments, 14 per cent of survey respondents said the first priority in spending their bonus would be to clear their debts.

Another 12 per cent would treat their families, while 8 per cent would go shopping, UOB said.