TWO types of career paths are available at STATS ChipPAC — one for engineers who wish to focus on building their technical expertise and another for those who wish to rise through the managerial ranks.

“In STATS ChipPAC, we provide opportunities and recognition for employees who bring great value to the company through their technical expertise and want to focus their careers on that expertise rather than build their careers through entering and rising through the management ranks,” says STATS ChipPAC’s (Singapore and Malaysia) president and managing director Lew Hon Sang.

“We have a career path for technical employees having titles, status, and influence and rewards that parallel manager, director and vice-president ranks on the management career path.”

STATS ChipPAC is a leading service provider of semiconductor packaging and test solutions to global customers servicing the computing, communications and consumer markets.

Mr Lew grew up wanting to be a pilot but that dream vanished once he had to don glasses. He then resolved to be an engineer and found that the fastest path to get there then was to earn a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physics.

He subsequently spent five years STATS ChipPAC’s president and managing director Lew Hon Sang applies his engineering knowledge to get results as an engineer assuming different technical roles such as failure analysis engineer, product engineer, and test engineer.

In his current role, Mr Lew has to ensure that daily operations are running well to deliver and exceed their commitments to their customers.

He also has to focus on driving cost-efficient and productivity improvements to win business from new customers while supporting the current ones.

But even in this managerial role, his engineering knowledge continues to prove useful. Mr Lew applies basic physics as well as electrical and mechanical engineering principles when he works with his teams during technical discussions.

“We brainstorm solutions with root cause hypothesis and I apply my technical knowledge in test and packaging solutions during technology roadmap discussions,” he explains.

When choosing a firm to join, budding engineers should consider the training and development opportunities that the company offers. STATS ChipPAC, for instance, has several programmes in place to help its employees further expand their skills and knowledge base.

To develop engineering skills, every engineer in the company is placed on a 10-day core technical training course including quality management through Six-Sigma, failure mode and effects analysis, statistics and data analysis.

The company is also mindful about developing employees’ leadership skills.

“Our key strategies for people development includes reshaping our learning and development to stay competitive and nurturing and integrating our talents to increase the effectiveness of our team,” adds Mr Lew.

He is understandably proud of the many achievements that STATS ChipPAC has made in recent years.

“We support local semiconductor foundries with high quality backend manufacturing services,” he says.

“We have built successful partnerships with leading semiconductor companies from around the world and actively promote the benefits of Singapore. Our R&D investments in leading edge technology such as embedded Wafer Level Ball Grid Array (eWLB) continue to position Singapore as one of the best places for innovation.”

But any company’s achievements cannot be achieved without a strong and dedicated employee base. At STATS ChipPAC, it is no different.

Mr Lew says that retaining and developing the company’s employees remain his core focus.

“We are always looking for ways to help our employees improve their skills,” he adds.