SINGAPORE - Spencer Ogden, an energy recruitment agency, has opened its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore and its new office is anything but typical.

With a giant opium bed in the 'Not Bored Room', and a statue of a Mongolian warrior in the club room, Spencer Ogden's new office pays homage to the Southeast Asian region. 

This is the firm's eighth office in the world since it was founded in 2010. This year, the company plans to set up offices in New York, Brazil, Germany and South Africa.

Eduard Moix, Project Designer at Space Matrix, the design consultancy who worked on the project, says: "Spencer Ogden's Design Director believes that the whole design encourages productivity, collaboration and interaction at all levels."

"The design imports home and garden into the office space, with a 1950s style American diner kitchen and giant knights' tables alongside basketball hoops and an astroturfed floor."

According to Spencer Ogden, its Singapore office is designed to be attractive and comfortable, so that employees will feel like they are working in a luxury home. This encourages them to work harder and achieve better results.

 Employees at the Spencer Ogden Singapore office also have free access to a swimming pool and gym facilities in the building, allowing them to keep fit and remain energetic in their day-to-day tasks.

With its focus on employee well-being, it is no surprise that Spencer Ogden has fostered a strong brand of loyalty among its staff.

Each day at Spencer Ogden there is a 'Power Hour'. During the course of this hour, employees are not allowed to sit down and have to be on the phone. According to the firm, this is a wildly popular activity among employees.

Another way worker productivity is encouraged is through celebration of individual deals. Every time a recruiter closes a deal, they are to play their favourite song on the office speakers and bang the office gong.

The company also holds frequent office dress-up days. Themes have included an 80s day, a 90s day and a superhero day.