MORE companies in Singapore are looking to hire professionals in information technology functions, as technology becomes a more integral part of many businesses.

This growing demand for IT workers has been noted by Spring Professional, which specialises in information technology and engineering recruitment across Asia.

Mr Serge Shine, Spring Professional's managing director for South-east Asia, said exact figures on jobs available in the sector are difficult to pinpoint, as many positions are advertised internally.

But he estimated that over the last year, the number of IT jobs advertised externally in Singapore has shot up 20 per cent.

He expects that figure to rise in the next few years, especially given that Singapore aims to double the value of its information, communications and technology industry to $26 billion by 2015, and boost infocomm export revenue threefold.

These industry developments follow the increasing global adoption of mobile, social media and cloud computing data solutions by companies across all sectors.

Mr Shine said that it has become more common to see companies that have chief information officers oversee not just technology-driven functions but also the way technology is integrated into a firm's overall business strategy.

"IT is no longer being seen as a support function, it's more widely recognised as a tool to help sustain growth," said Mr Shine.

Jobs in the IT sector include software consultants, Web designers and security analysts, with monthly salaries ranging from $6,000 to $10,000 for a Singapore-based professional with around six years of experience.

Mr Shine said the demand for experienced IT professionals exceeds the supply and while some companies will hire foreign professionals to meet their needs, this may not be all bad news for the local sector.

"It's not a bad thing if we have knowledge sharing going on, and this will enable the local workforce to train the next generation and make sure that we catch up with the pace of growth in the (IT) sector."