ORGANISING team-building events can be a catalyst for a healthy and productive working environment. However, deciding which event to go for can be difficult. So here are five winning team-building ideas for you to consider:


No matter your budget, orienteering is one activity that is within reach of most companies — even in these tough times. Orienteering is basically any sport that involves racing against a clock and employing navigational skills to use a map and compass to get from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain.

An exciting and challenging outdoor activity, this can be excellent for developing many team and individual skills.

There are the obvious team benefits that such an activity asks for: having to rely on trust, perception and knowledge of others to make decisions. From here, leadership skills can be recognised, isolated and built upon. Key among all is the development of communication between the team, which will prove invaluable to team success moving forward.

Treasure hunt

Closely linked to orienteering in many respects, another excellent idea is the treasure hunt. Much the same skills are called for throughout this activity, including communication, leadership and decision making. Having a treasure hunt can be excellent for younger groups of employees or students, as they can be themed to generate greater interest. Participants can also be spurred by the incentive of prizes.


If something a little more strenuous is called for, one excellent team-building exercise that is fast gaining popularity is sailing. This not only improves communication and dedication between the team, but will also invigorate and enliven all team members.

As team building ideas go, it is one of the most extreme, and hones many skills that your team will be able to use effectively. It is exceptional fun too, that will leave a lasting impression on the team. And once all the hard tacking, jibing and lashing are complete, you can just lie back and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of a beautiful yacht on the open ocean.


For indoor fun, a traditional favourite is the murder mystery. The beauty of these events is that they can be organised quickly and not impede on the working day too much.

No major financial outlay is needed either. Many stationery or toy stores retail excellently appointed “DIY” kits.

Fantastic for new projects or the start of a new team, such team-building ideas can be a great way to introduce each other and break the ice. It is also a great way to introduce the management team — as they are the ones who can be murdered!


Finally, perhaps you would prefer to head back to Ye Olde Britain, and host a medieval banquet for your team?

This can be an excellent idea if your team is not the most physical, and perhaps a little self-conscious.

Simply dress in authentic costumes, and have professional entertainers amaze you with the japes and capers from the court of the ancient kings of England.

There are, of course, many other fantastic team-building ideas available to you, but these are five of the most successful and popular. And of course, perhaps they will help you come up with one of your own...a variation on a theme, perhaps?