With work taking over the majority of our waking hours, it is not surprising that the unique demands of a career play a major role in shaping our behaviour. Nowhere are these tendencies more obvious than at meetings and other professional interactions, especially since these sessions are such a crucial part of getting things done.

PGi, a multinational corporation and global provider of conferencing and collaboration solutions, has been able to identify distinctive meeting personalities and the types of professions they are likely to match.

The Multi-tasker

If you are a project manager, an event planner, an advertising executive or a public relations consultant, you are most likely to fall into this personality type.

As a successful professional in these roles, you are not only a whiz at juggling multiple clients, vendors and projects simultaneously, but you also thrive on the adrenaline rush of racing from deadline to deadline.

Having made a fine art of balancing, you tend to carry your multi-tasking superpowers over to meetings. Hands up, all those guilty of scribbling notes during a conference call while responding to e-mails on your Blackberry!

While you may be blessed with the gift of being a consummate Multi-tasker, do exercise caution. A major requirement in your line of work is the ability to listen to clients and draw out important information. To keep your multi-tasking tendency in check, make it a point to keep your computer and mobile phone out of sight and pay attention instead.

The Mobile Meeter

Chances are, you are a businessman, investment banker, stock broker or property agent.

As your job requires you to be constantly on the move to find the next business lead, you probably spend your work day travelling from customer meeting to sales presentation to industry seminar.

While working out of a briefcase may not be a welcome prospect for everyone, you thrive on sniffing out the next major deal. As a professional who is always on the go, you are likely to be familiar with dialling in to conference calls and web meetings from a hotel room, a roadside café, a taxi or an airport lounge.

 As a Mobile Meeter, it is critical that you always have on hand an up-to-date calendar of meetings with indication of time zones.

Every considerate Mobile Meeter should also invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to ensure the background noise in any location will not get in the way of a productive meeting.

The Disrupter

This meeting personality is likely to be an artist, an inventor, an advertising creative director or a talk show host.

Your job is often an unstructured one that requires you to explore the full potential of your imagination and truly think out of the box. Does the mention of one thing tend to ignite 10 related ideas in your head? Do you find it impossible to hold back on sharing those ideas? If so, say hello to the Disrupter, for that is what you tend to become in a meeting!

As a Disrupter, you are often a brilliant creative mind who is able to uncover new ways of thinking. While your ingenuity is a valuable trait, do make sure you are not derailing a meeting from its intended objectives.

Wait until the most appropriate section in a meeting to share your thoughts. That way, you will not only be recognised as a creative genius but also an effective and considerate team player.