Yesterday’s article spotlighted three meeting personalities — the Multi-tasker, the Mobile Meeter and the Disrupter — and discussed how the qualities that made them very effective in their careers had the potential to trip them up at meetings.

Today’s article looks at three more personalities and their pitfalls — the Maestro, the Socialiser and the Social Networker.

The Maestro

If you are an analyst, auctioneer, doctor, strategist or CEO, your meeting personality is probably the Maestro.

The unique demands of your career mean that yours are big shoes to fill. You have the killer combination of a commanding presence, a razor-sharp mind and a results-focused approach.

Your natural ability to look beyond complexity to get to the root of a problem means that you are probably the Maestro of meetings. 

You are able to lead meetings towards concrete outcomes effortlessly, and inspire confidence and respect from others. However, despite the Maestro’s effectiveness at meetings, you have the tendency to get frustrated with personalities like The Disrupter or the Socialiser.

Take care not to dampen their creativity by creating an appropriate time for them to speak and by considering their views seriously.

The Socialiser

This meeting type is common among diplomats, financial consultants, insurance advisers and journalists.

To reach the very top in your chosen career path, you need to possess a charismatic personality, a vast network of contacts and the ability to draw critical information from these contacts.

Not only are you a master at networking, but you are also capable of building trust with others very quickly. This is critical for getting that bit of political insight, signing another customer or achieving that exclusive headline.

Your likeability and skill at building rapport are likely to influence the way you behave during meetings too, making you The Socialiser. Even before the meeting begins, you are greeting each participant and chatting away with some of them like old friends.

Your ability to put participants at ease, especially in a high-pressure environment, is highly valued. While you usually create a positive impression, do exercise self-awareness so as to remain professional and avoid encroaching on personal boundaries.

The Social Networker

If you are a digital strategist, technology analyst and communications professional, you are likely to fall into this category.

As a social media pioneer whose work description includes Facebook-ing, Tweeting, blogging and Foursquar-ing to be able to counsel clients about these platforms, you are probably connected 24/7.

You are also likely to feel the constant urge to update your networks about what you are doing, eating and seeing at all times of the day… even during meetings!

You probably find yourself itching to check Facebook during a meeting or  tweeting about the ugly tie the colleague sitting opposite you is wearing. Take care not to get carried away, as not everything should be posted on a social network, especially if it concerns corporate matters. Do not let your passion for the job land you in hot soup.

After reviewing the six personalities, have you figured out which is yours?