As an entrepreneur and the owner of creative agency Eitan, Ms Iris Tan works with local and international brands on their branding and marketing communications.

A woman of many interests, Ms Tan is also the author of a poetry book and a personal mastery coach — the results of her firm belief in self-empowerment.

Her journey began in 2003, when she decided to leave a successful corporate career to start a business. A serial entrepreneur, she created three businesses based on her passions — a Mosaic art studio, a creative agency and a holistic centre.

She found herself facing challenges at work, with the same issues surfacing as she set up one business after another.

On self-reflection, she realised she had to get rid of her fears and self-limiting beliefs that prevented her from achieving what she was truly capable of. She was also aware that her relationships with the people she worked with, as well as her family and friends, were vital for her success.

She realised she would have to change to achieve success. She decided to further her learning in the area of self-empowerment, where she sought guidance and mentorship from leading personal mastery teachers like Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker and Larry Gilman.

Through her own experience, she realised that success in one’s career and relationships is determined by how one is able to overcome one’s own psychological barriers and blind spots.

To help others on their journey towards self-empowerment, Ms Tan wrote a book of poems titled Be In The Moment and developed a workshop, Going Back To Within, that coaches people on self-awareness and personal mastery.

Here, she shares some tips that have helped her in her journey:

1. Self-awareness

First, you must understand and be honest with yourself. Acknowledge the areas of your life where you are unhappy and analyse the reasons why. Do you have any self-limiting beliefs that hold back your progress?

Before you begin to create your new future, you have to start by knowing yourself better and having a higher self-awareness of how the past and present have made you who you are today.

2. Reconnect with yourself

Throw out the negative looping voices in your head. Give yourself some quiet time regularly. More awareness will come to you of your feelings, thoughts, words and actions — before you even act on them. Take note of these and start a personal journal.

3. Finding meaning

Life can be more enriching and meaningful if you know what you want and why you want it. Finding meaning in what you want will be the key motivator for you to pursue your dreams.

4. Set a realistic timeline and schedule

Set a realistic timeline to achieve what you want. Most of the time, you may not get what you want in a single step. So, set your goals in phases. It also helps to monitor your progress and to develop higher levels of confidence as you move from one phase to another.

5. Be focused, committed and positive

Be focused, committed and positive about what you want in life. Leave behind self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt or fear. Believe that you have the power within you to make things happen and that you are capable of achieving your goals.

However, being positive and denying the truth are two separate things. When you know that things may not be in your favour and you continue to believe in them, it becomes self-denial. Assess your situation wisely and be realistic.

6. Enjoy the process and attain higher self-awareness

While pursuing your dreams, you need to enjoy the process, especially in understanding and learning more about yourself, and others around you. Enjoy the process and attain the power of self-mastery. You will discover your own potential and this will help you reach your goals.


Article by Joanne Lim. For more information on Iris Tan’s book and workshops, visit