THE Workers' Party (WP) wants the Government to do more to ease the rising cost of living for workers and to increase their wages.

While acknowledging that measures have been introduced to help them, more can still be done on these two fronts, it said in its May Day message yesterday.

The party also urged the Government to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as workers to cope with economic restructuring.

The WP did not specify the measures it wants implemented. But it said: "The Workers' Party has noted that in Budget 2013, the Government has responded more positively to our calls and the needs of Singaporean workers.

"It has put forward more measures to improve the standing of Singaporeans in the job market and to raise the incomes of lower-wage workers through further wage subsidies, industry upgrading and training programmes for workers.

"More must still be done to ease the burden of the rising cost of living and to increase the wages of our workers."

It also urged employers to make full use of this year's Budget measures to improve their business processes and upgrade workers' skills.

By doing so, they can move up the economic value chain, boost productivity and pay their workers more, it added.

This year's Budget includes a $5.3 billion transition support package to help businesses, especially SMEs, raise productivity and rely less on foreign workers.

The WP noted that for more than five decades, it has given workers a voice "with which they can be empowered, protected and heard" and pledged to continue to speak up for the Singaporean worker.

It said: "We are confident that the perseverance of Singaporean workers, together with the strong cooperation of the business community, will help our country to move towards a more equal and just society, and a more developed economy."