School's out for tertiary students, which also means job-hunting season has begun.

Recruiters and hiring managers talk about nightmare interviews, including an incident where the job applicant turned up dressed in slippers, singlet and shorts because he claimed he had plans to go to the gym after the interview.

Here are some do's and don'ts for job interviews:
*Don’t blab about work on social media platforms like Facebook. Even if you conceal the identities of your colleagues or bosses, it’s not difficult to draw the link if the name of your company is listed on your profile.

* Don’t dress too casually or flamboyantly, even if you’re meeting the recruiter and not your prospective employer. Every impression counts.

* Don’t ask about money matters until the final segment of the interview. If that’s the topic you start with, you are signalling that you only want to benefit, not contribute to the company.

* Don’t doodle on pieces of paper while fielding questions. Giving the interviewer your full attention is the least you can do.

* Don’t leave your phone on the table. Even if it’s on silent mode, the sounds of vibrations can be especially jarring.

* Don’t include a photo of yourself at your last birthday party or beach gathering as part of your resume. It’s just not professional.

* Dress (and smell) appropriately. This may mean covering up that deep cleavage or investing in some deodorant.

* Sit up straight instead of slouching.

* Call to inform the company if you are going to be late or decide not to turn up.

* Tell your prospective employer what kind of value you can bring to the company instead on harping on your expected level of remuneration.

* Read up on the company you are hoping to land a spot at.

* Take your portfolio to an interview. Many forget in their haste, say recruiters.

* Offer a warm handshake instead of plopping into the chair or folding your arms. Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview.

* Maintain and update your LinkedIn profile, which acts an a virtual resume. You never know who may chance upon it.