To be successful in whatever you undertake you need to develop the habits, attributes and skills that will help you gravitate towards success. Whether you are an organisational leader, a new job-seeker, a tertiary level student or an employee in any organisation, you will achieve whatever you seek if you can realign and re-strategise your goals and aspirations according to the circumstances.

So, if you want to gravitate towards success you should pay attention the following and learn to strengthen and apply them in your life.

Embrace change with your heart

The key to success is to embrace change with your heart and learn to quickly adapt to the situation as they are presented to you.

You can learn to embrace change by constantly remaining vigilant to the subtle changes that is happening around you and doing what you think is necessary to implement these changes to your life. This means you need to let go of archaic thought processes and old ways of doing things and quickly adapt to the latest technology and new ideas of being productive.

Remain ethically fit

Another thing that you have to keep in mind as you gravitate towards success is that you have to remain ethical fit. This can be defined as a situation where by you are stuck between two choices and you know that by you deciding to do any one of these choices you will be compromising your ethics in the other. 

When you face ethical dilemmas it is good to consider the short term and long term consequences of the decision that you make. To be ethically fit, you have to align your moral compass to do the right things right no matter what and also to be clear as to the reasons why you are making the decision. Ultimately, you will have to see whether you are prepared to live with the decision that you made. 

Becoming part of the solution

Usually when life per se throws challenges at us, the question you need to ask is whether you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution. To be part of the problem means that you intend to try to solve the problem and hope that the problem goes away and never come back.

Realign your thoughts to see what you can do to solve the problem well by finding long-term solutions. Further when you are solution-focused you will not be afraid to face the problems which will then force you to come up with strategies to resolve these problems.

Work with people in your life

If you want to be successful you need to work with successful people and most importantly you need to create an environment whereby the people in your life feel successful by being with you.  This would mean that you sometimes have to work with people and tap into their knowledge, know-hows and experiences. 

Knock on opportunity’s door or create the door of opportunity

Successful people create opportunities when there is none. To do this you have to learn to become both critical and creative thinker. You have to take stock of who you are and what you are good at and what you got to learn that will give you the best returns of investment based on the resources that you have.  You have to set measureable goals and be smart in knowing what you can do to achieve those goals. 

To create opportunities would mean that you have to work hard when required and discipline yourself to gravitate towards what you seek. Distractions have to be handled effectively and you need to stay the course no matter what.

Go forth and conquer

If you are clear about where you are going, you need to create your personal map of success to get to your destination. Along the way you need to make constant adjustment based on the unexpected challenges that you face.  As you fall, you will have to learn to rise quickly and when your resolve to succeed is strong nothing will stop you from gravitating towards success.

Article by Daniel Theyagu, a corporate trainer and seminar speaker at Lateral Solutions. He has personally designed and delivered training to more than 200,000 people from 40 countries. Contact him at or