Around 50 children had an early start to their Friday when they headed off to work with their parents for OCBC Bank's first-ever "take your child to work" day yesterday.

The inaugural OCBC Kids@Work event, held in conjunction with the National Family Celebrations 2013, kicked off at the OCBC Centre with a morning warm-up exercise for the children, aged seven to 12.

Paired with 28 OCBC interns from the bank's undergraduate internship programme, they were given a tour of the main banking hall and the "1938 - Reclining Figure" sculpture located at OCBC's garden plaza. The children then visited their parents' offices and spent the lunch hour with them at the OCBC Recreation Club.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the OCBC Campus, where a banking role-play activity followed in a mock-up branch training room.

With fake passbooks and fake money, the children took on the roles of bank customers or bank tellers and learnt how to conduct simple transactions such as depositing and withdrawing money.

The day ended with the children sharing their experience on film.

"Allowing your children to enter your working world provides them with a better understanding and appreciation of what you do and where you spend most of your time on a typical weekday," said OCBC Bank vice-president for group risk management Chua Leong Kiat, who brought along his seven-year-old daughter Chua Yuan Kee to the event.

Mr Chua added: "After this, she will be able to relate better when I talk to her about my day at work."