SingPost’s $10m Inclusivity Fund

It's double bonus for SingPost staff Rahmad Chik.

This year, he will get a salary increment that is double that of last year.

The 51-year-old will also go on a company-sponsored training course - and he will be awarded $300 worth of NTUC vouchers when he completes it.

The salary increments and training awards come from a $10 million SingPost Inclusivity Fund launched in February to benefit its lower-income employees. Details of these perks were announced to the staff on May 22.

Employees, particularly those earning $2,000 or less in base salary, will get higher salary increments this year compared with the average annual increment of 3.25 per cent last year, said a SingPost spokesman.

There is no increase in annual increment for management staff.

Outdoor delivery, frontline and operations staff will also receive a special one-off payment of up to $300 later this year.

More than 90 per cent of the $10 million fund has been set aside to help staff cope with higher living costs, and the remainder devoted to reward staff who upgrade themselves and the education of employees' children. It will be disbursed over five years.

More than 70 per cent of SingPost's 4,700 employees are expected to benefit from it. These are primarily employees with monthly incomes of $2,000 and below.

Mr Rahmad, who has served the company for 17 years, will get a 6 per cent increment this year, and a one-off bonus of $300 on top of his performance and 13th month bonuses.

As the Inspector of Post, his job scope includes arranging schedules for the postmen, training them and even delivering mail if the staff are short-handed.

His daughter and son-in-law, both SingPost employees, will benefit from the fund as well.

Customer service officer Razanna, 26, and her postman husband Muhammad Fadlin Abdul Rashid, 31, will be getting a 12 and 6 per cent increment respectively - which is double what they got last year.

The higher increment for Ms Razanna, who has been working at SingPost for six years, is also due to her recent promotion.

The oldest of eight children, Ms Razanna said the additional money will come in handy for the family, which has to put three more children through school. Her mother is a housewife, and two other siblings are working.

With a smile, she added: "And my dad is 51, he should go for (overseas) trips. Time for him to relax."