For the second time, the STJobs Career and Development Fair 2013will be back with more to offer. Organised by STJobs, SPH's trusted online portal, this career fair will showcase over a thousand positions and big brand names.

Presenting close to 200 exhibitors and employers, this fair is one of the largest of its kind in Singapore. Some top companies taking part include SMRT Corporation, Keppel Offshore and Marine, Singapore Airlines, AIA Singapore and more. With an abundance of jobs to choose from, you may even strike an offer on the spot.

You meet an employer from your chosen field or industry, give a handshake but become unsure of what to do next. Surely there some steps you can take to get the deal straightaway.

How about trying these steps out?

Try this approach as you interact with various employers at the fair. Ensure you are appropriately attired and bring alone some required documents to showcase your credentials. After a firm handshake, flash a wide smile. With a confident stance, introduce yourself in 2-3 lines.

Prepare a 30-seconds sales pitch:

Before attending the career fair, plan and create a 30 second sales pitch about yourself. This helps to break the ice with an employer and gives them a clearer understanding of you.

Prepare a conversational front where you can put forth important points to create a persuasive standing before your employer. Practice this pitch well so that you will not hem and haw and appear ill-prepared.

Close the loop:

After holding a conversation with the employers, don’t hesitate to ask when they might get back to you. Clarify if you can call them after a week if you have not heard from them.

Help yourself and the employer:

Help the employer out by giving substantive but select information about yourself and be concise. This initiative allows employers to understand you better.

Leave a lasting impression:

After speaking to the employers, thank the recruiters for their time. Inform them that you will keep in touch and mention how you look forward to speaking with them again. This impression will help the recruiter to recall your name and face when contact is made again.

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