Architect Shagufta Anurag has one compelling reason why she is in business with her husband: "I don't think anybody can work with me but him."

The light-hearted remark actually goes to the heart of why their company Space Matrix Design Consultants is thriving.

Ms Shagufta, 42, says: "He knows me really well, he knows what buttons to press and he brings out the best in me."

She adds that Mr Anurag Srivastava "brings the business plans and structure to the table", while she takes care of "the architect side".

The couple, both permanent residents, met in India through a mutual friend and have been married for 14 years.

Ms Shagufta moved to Singapore in 1999 to join her husband, who had been working for an American software company here.

Ms Shagufta, who has a degree in architecture from BMS Bangalore in India, founded Space Matrix Design in 2001, and in 2006 her husband, whose background is in electrical engineering, joined as chief executive.

"To build a company, both a technical person and a business-builder are needed," says 47-year-old Mr Anurag, who is also a partner in venture capital firm Jungle Ventures, which allows him to work with technology start-ups - his "first love".

"I felt that if I became business partners with a very technical-oriented founder like her, we could create a successful business... as an architect, she's the domain expert, while I bring the business side of things to the table," he adds.

"Very often, we come to the office, and only see each other again at the end of the day in the car."

The company's simple but spacious one-storey office in the Phoenix Park Office Campus belies an international growth story that has led to outlets in India, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and China.

Space Matrix clocked up revenue of $80 million last year, and is on track to hit $100 million this year, with expectations that turnover can grow 25 to 30 per cent a year over the next four years.

The company employs 450 people across the region, including about 90 in Singapore.

It began by designing offices, a segment that still makes up more than half its business, although its reach has expanded a great deal and now comprises architecture, workplace design, hospitality design, green consultancy and cost consultancy.

Space Matrix's projects in Singapore include the interior design of Marina Square, Suntec City Convention Centre and the Cisco headquarters.

The couple, who have two sons aged seven and five, say juggling work and family can sometimes be a challenge.

Yet while their schedules are busy, the couple take turns to be with their children. "We hardly ever leave our kids alone... one of us is always with them," says Ms Shagufta.

"It works out well that we're working together... this gives us the flexibility of spending more quality time with the boys," adds Mr Anurag.

But work is never far away.

"There is always more than enough to discuss, and sometimes we end up taking the discussion home," he says.

"We go to dinner and say 'no work', but it's never more than 10 minutes before we get started."

Ms Shagufta chips in: "But having said that, why stop when you're having fun?"