Your cover letter forms the first impression and you want to make that last. Treat your cover letter like a job interview on paper and let it speak for you.

1)Ensure your cover letter follows a format. Make use of a word processing program. Most word processing program comes with automatic grammar and spell check function that can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes. 

2)Tailor your cover letters to the job you are applying for. Do not send out a generic cover letter, employers will know the difference. Display your passion according to the job offer and be specific about your strengths and how you can benefit the organisation.

3)Present your cover letter for the interview with the appropriate format. Give yourself sufficient time to format a proper cover letter. An approximate 30 minutes will do. Ensure that there is no formatting error so it doesn’t mess up your text when you send via email. Proofread your letter and have a trusted friend do it for you too. You want to project an upbeat and positive image but not over promise on what you can deliver.  Make sure your spelling follows the British Standard English in Singapore. 

4)If you are referred by someone, mention them by name and how you know them in your cover letter. 

5)Let your confidence show through in your writing. Remember that your cover letter is your first interview. You want to assure your employer that you are the best candidate to deliver the job.  Draw focus to your strengths and abilities and convince your reader that the search for their applicant is over. 

6)Always attach your resume to the cover letter. Refer your reader to your resume for more information on your education and experiences. Do not repeat information in your resume in your cover letter. 

7)After sending across your cover letter, always complete it with a follow up either via email or a phone call to ensure that your information has been received. This will remind them to look at your application that might otherwise be left on the waiting list.

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