Your cover letter forms the first impression and is as important as your resume. Take some time to plan what goes into your cover letter and stand out from the massive cover letters your potential employer receives daily. After all, you only get one chance at making a good first impression.

1 )Look out for Singapore job postings here at STJobs. With over 40 000 job listings, you will be able to find your ideal job that fits you well. Be sure that the job interest you and you are qualified for the job. Most employers receive over hundreds of letters, many of which may not be relevant.

2) Use the same style for your letterhead and cover letter and display your profession. Don’t over look small details that can help to create a good first impression.

3) It would be good if you can address the letter to a specific person. Call the company‘s receptionist and see if she is able to provide you with the name of the person reviewing your resume.

4) Capture the reader’s attention from the first paragraph. Your potential employer probably has been reading many other cover letters. Make yours stand out from the pack.

5) In the first paragraph, mention where you have seen the job posting and why you are interested in it. Provide a professional image in the second paragraph and highlight your most significant accomplishments and qualifications in the third paragraph. Be sure not to duplicate your resume and tailor your cover letter to the industry you are applying for.

6) Always inform the reader how you can be an asset to the company and what you can contribute. Do not bring up the topic of what employee benefits you can get from the company. This can be discussed at the interview stage.

7) In the last paragraph, refer the reader to your resume for further details on your education, qualifications and experience. Request to meet up for an interview and provide the dates which you are available.

8) End the letter by thanking the reader for his or her time and mention how you look forward to hear from the company. You may reiterate your passion in working for the company.

9) Check your letter for any spelling or grammar mistakes. If you can get a friend to proof read for you, do so. Careless mistakes leave a bad impression on your potential employers.

10) Find a good ink-jet or laser printer for your letter. Make sure the quality of your paper is good enough so that the ink wouldn’t seep through.

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