The cover letter is probably the only interview which allows you to correct any mistakes you may have made before you click send.  Follow these steps to create a better impression with your error free cover letter.

1) First things first, check that the contact information for your potential employer is correct. Ensure that the company name, address, phone number, fax number are accurate and spelt correctly. Use capital letters whenever needed. Make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English in Singapore. Getting the spelling wrong would reflect badly on you.

2) Check with the company to ensure that the job position you applied for is listed.

3) Ensure the content of your letter is complete. Your cover letter should include contact information, reference to the job position you are interested in and a brief summary of why you are a suitable candidate for the job. Keep your letter within a page long which includes the letter head.

4) Go through your cover letter thrice or more. Keep a look out for punctuation and grammar mistakes, and ensure proper sentence structure throughout the letter.  Each sentence should begin with capital letters and end off with a proper punctuation. Keep your sentences concise and have only one idea in each sentence at a time.

5) Have a friend help you with your blind spots. Ask your friend for feedback regarding the tone of the letter. Does it deliver a message of enthusiasm for the position you are applying for? Does your letter convey that you are a qualified applicant who has the required skills set?

6) Correct formatting mistakes that may occur. Delete unnecessary spaces and automatic templates that you do not need.

7) Keep your sentences short and to the point. Do away with wordy passages. Your letter should be able to clearly deliver your qualifications and state how the reader can contact you. Leave out extraneous information that may be appropriate for your resume but not cover letter.

8) Re-read your cover letter for the last time but go backwards this time. This is to avoid being caught in the flow of the narrative. It is a great way for spotting typos and other mistakes. Once you are done, save and print out your cover letter.

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