A cover letter can be essential when it comes to switching a career. Entice your reader to continue reading your cover letter in after the first paragraph. Read on to discover how you can capture your reader’s attention.

1) Start your cover letter with a paragraph introducing yourself. Provide the reader with general information such as your name and your contact information.  State the job position you are interested in and explain the reasons for your passion in the job.

2) It is important to identify specific talents and abilities that are transferable from your previous career to your new career. For example, computer and technology skills are transferable form careers to careers. If you have managerial experience or education that is useful to in your new career, be sure to include them in your career letter as well. You can use a separate paragraph for these skills.

3) Give spot light to your past experience that puts you ahead of the competition. Be as specific as possible, listing example if needed.  You want to display your skills to your potential employer and show him or her that you are the best candidate for the job.

4) A new career would require learning. Express that you are willing to learn and upgrade your skill in order to be on par with others. Convince your employer that you are worth the risk over someone with more experience in that area. Volunteer to take courses that to upgrade your skills.

5) End off by thanking the reader for his time and consideration and state that you will contact them again to follow up.

6) Sign at the bottom of the letter. 

7) Double check your cover letter for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English here in Singapore.

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