Microsoft Word has templates available that can help you in writing your cover letter. This is usually the most convenient way of typing your cover letter. Read on to find out how you can use MS Word to your advantage.

1) Open Microsoft Word and select “templates on” under the tab “new from template”.

2)  Look through the templates and choose the option “cover letters” under “letters”.

3) Select the most relevant type of cover letter you want to use. A suitable template for a general cover letter would be “Cover letter in response to an ad, short.” Choose your option and click on download.

4) Fill up the template with your name, address and date on top first section of the cover letter.  Do the same for the recipient’s name, title, company and address. Make the effort to call the company and find out the full name and the title of the person who will be reading your resume.

5) Make changes to the text so that it reflects the date of the advertisement you are responding to. State the job position you are applying for and provide the number of years of experience you have.

6) You may use a bullet list to state your relevant accomplishment. Use about 3 to 4 bullet points and avoid stating non-related accomplishments. Your cover letter should not exceed one page.

7) Keep the last paragraph but make changes to the sample name. You may tweak some of the content to match your style.

8) Proof read your letter to look out for grammar or spelling mistakes. Make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English in Singapore.

9) Print the letter using a jet-ink or laser printer on a good quality paper.

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