As a marketer, your job is to promote your product and convince your buyer to buy them. In the same way, your cover letter is the product that you want to sell to your potential employer. It has to be eye catching enough to spur the reader to carry on reading. Follow the steps below to capture your reader’s attention.

1) Your employer probably receives hundreds of cover letters. You want to make sure yours does not end up in the trash. Grab your employer’s attention within the first paragraph. You can do so by including information that sets you apart from the rest such as an outstanding achievement.

2) Prove to the employer that you are the best candidate for the job. This is the time for you to make an impression on the hiring manager. Demonstrate how your education and job experience has given you an edge over the rest. State specific examples for major accomplishment. Show how you can translate your accomplishment to the job you are applying for and how it will add value to the company.

3) Know the company and know the job position. Demonstrate your zeal for both the job position and the company. Do your homework and understand what the company does. You may state that by working for ABC company as a marketing professional, it is the perfect way for you to combine your skills and sell XYZ product to the people who needs it most. However, avoid over-generalising the statement. Use specific information you have found from your research on the company to show them you have done your homework.

4) End the letter by summarising how you are the best candidate for the job. Market yourself out there but do not overpromise on what you can deliver.  A self assuming applicant has poorer chance of landing the job in a collectivist culture like Singapore. Ask for a possible interview and provide your contact details. Indicate your intention to follow up with an interview. This shows the employer that you are a self-motivated individual.

5) Proofread again and again. You do not want a careless mistake to get in the way of your chances of landing the ideal marketing job. Vet your cover letter for grammar or spelling mistakes and make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English in Singapore. If possible, have a friend review your letter before you send. 

Writing a cover letter for a marketing position may not be easy, but as you follow the steps and let your personality shine through, you may just land your ideal marketing job.

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