Recently, our world changed. The beautiful clean air of Singapore turned to that of a polluted city. Two terms, rarely heard, suddenly dominated our thoughts, conversations and news reports:

•  PSI (Pollutant Standards Index)

•  Haze

The past weeks have been a cruel reminder of how quickly our world can change and how little control we can have over that change. Our environmental world is simply a reflection of our business world. And in both cases, our success will be determined by how prepared we are for the unexpected and how well we can respond to it.

In business, success is no longer a case of the big conquering the small, it is a case of the fast conquering the slow; and those business that can react and adapt fastest to a changed business environment are the ones that will thrive in a fast-changing world.

Business trainers can apply the term “PSI” not as a rating in the Pollutant Standards Index, but as a reflection of an approach to corporate learning that really does give their clients the edge.

In the field or corporate training, PSI stands for Professional, Skilled and Innovative:

•  Professional: From the pre-training survey to the post-course review, the entire focus must be on providing the most effective, efficient path to growing the individuals in a business and transforming the organisation to achieve its full potential.

•  Skilled: Whether it is the process skills to achieve the greatest output with limited resources or the people skills that provide inspired leadership and staff who are thoroughly engaged, corporate trainers must be obsessive about achieving the best result for their clients.

•  Innovative: Today, success is determined not just by who and when you train, but how you do it. Face-to-face training — especially when trainees are inspired by leading experts in their field — can still provide behavioural and organisational change like no other.

But in today’s fast-moving, ever-changing world, this is often not enough. That is why trainers should offer innovative training packages that are tailored to each organisation.

These can incorporate the face-to-face experience with e-learning methodologies into innovative blended learning packages. This means that the learning is not just available 9am to 5pm weekdays, but 24/7 — available when it is needed. Effective, efficient and flexible packages provide the best possible results for clients.

Go international

“I” also stands for international. Training companies with access to and support from leading international experts can offer clients the confidence that they are learning from the best. The combination of international expertise and local knowledge provides clients with a significant edge over their competitors.

As we have learnt recently, the causes of change and the agents of adversity are often way outside our control. There is nothing we can do to prevent it; but there is much we can do to be prepared for it.

Rather than thinking about haze as something that could choke us, corporate trainers should think about it standing for: High Achievers Zone of Excellence.

Provide the zone of excellence by providing innovative learning and advanced training methodologies and your high achievers will excel — and those with potential will become high achievers themselves.

Change is inevitable — in both our climatic and business environment. It can happen suddenly, sometimes shockingly.  Organisations that will cope best with unexpected change — and even use it as an opportunity to improve their market position — will be those who are best prepared with a Professional, Skilled and Innovative approach to creating a High Achievers Zone of Excellence for all their staff.


Article by Kevin Ryan, managing director of Training Edge Australia and an international speaker, workshop leader and author with Training Edge International. For more information, e-mail or visit