As a sales representative, it is not only essential to know your product, but also your target audience. This is what you have to project in your cover letter – how well you know the company and their products.  Prove to the hiring manager you have the knowledge and the zeal to work for them.

1) The opening of your cover letter is vital. It can go either way; captures the interest of your reader or turn them away. Gather information on the company through their websites, brochures or people whom you know are working there. Before you market yourself to the hiring company, show that you know about their needs and concerns. This information will be the backbone of your cover letter.

2) Make use of the first paragraph to name-drop as you introduce yourself. If you were introduced to this job by someone, mention the name and position of your referral. The hiring manager doesn’t have to know them personally for the reference to be counted as valid.

3) You may state how you came to know about this sales position and name the job description in the subject title. This shows you have seen the posting and is ready to respond to them. Discuss relevant skills and how they support the descriptions, and refer the hiring manager to your resume for more details of your sales experience if necessary.

4) Provide a summary of your education and experiences paying attention to the relevant skills. Display how your skills can be used in your sales job to add value to the company.

5) As a sales person, you may be working alone most of the time, but you would still have team mates in the company. It is important to show the hiring manager that you are able to work well with others.

6) End the letter by thanking the reader for their time and asking for a possible interview. Inform the hiring manager that you will be following up and be sure to provide a timeframe. Make sure you keep to your words to show the employer that you are capable of following through what you have promised.

7) Check your cover letter for any mistakes that you might have made. Do not let careless mistakes get in the way of landing your ideal job. Vet your cover letter for grammar or spelling mistakes and make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English in Singapore. If possible, have a friend review your letter to ensure you have not missed out anything important before you send.

A sales environment is highly competitive, show them that you are able to stay on top of the game and exceed expectations.

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