The public relations field can be both challenging and rewarding but it requires a positive attitude to earn the respect and confidence of media and clients.

A good cover letter can make all the difference when you are interviewed for a public relations job. Follow these steps to create a winning cover letter to accompany your resume.

1.      Structure your letter well

Appearance plays a big role in a public relations job, so ensure that your cover letter appears smart and well-polished as it corresponds to how you are perceived by your employer.

2.      Follow style guidelines

Make use of either the MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association) formats. They have specific guidelines for writing cover letters. Any one of these style guides can guide you in your cover letter .

 3.      Be friendly

A job in the public relations field involves working with people on an intimate level. Furthermore an ideal employee should be approachable and open minded. Being friendly does not mean you should be overly casual, it’s important to avoid slangs or colloquialisms as they appear unprofessional.

4.      Highlight the best and leave the rest

If there are key aspects of your career that you feel make you an ideal candidate for the job, mention these experiences and skills in your cover letter. This will reflect your confidence in those skills and hence help you to focus your potential employer's attention on the qualities you wish to emphasise.

5.      Keep your letter short and simple

Your cover letter gives your potential employer an extended insight of your personality and worldviewand should not be lengthy or detailed. Do note that majority of the information like your job experience and skills are already mentioned in your resume.

 6.      Be sincere

A good public relations employee should be honest, credible and trustworthy. If your cover letter comes across as ingenuine, your potential employer will receive a varied impression when they meet you. Be yourself and let your cover letter reflect your true personality.

With these tips on hand, you can now craft an effective cover letter for that public relations position you've been vying for.

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