When writing an effective cover letter, give special attention to what qualifications the employer is seeking for. For example an employer seeking a Human Resources Generalist is typically looking for someone familiar with benefits packages, pay scales and EEO law. Give it a go and make the greatest impact with your cover letter by focusing on the needs of the employer.

Take these steps to craft the apt cover letter for your Human Resource position.

1. Feed yourself with information from job advertisements about what an employer needs in a human resource position. Search through job boards such as STJobs to source for HR Job ads. Consider both the qualifications such as 'Bachelor's degree in Human Resources and the job duties to be performed such as hiring new employees. Highlight this relevant information and ensure your experience matches them in your cover letter.

2. Take note of the format as it reflects your professionalism. Format your cover letter like a standard business letter.

3. State your purpose in the first paragraph of your cover letter. Give special mention to the job title you are applying for,  the company name and where you found or heard about the job offer. Also, draw attention to your resume in your cover letter and mention what makes you a suitable candidate for the job.

4. As you proceed to the second paragraph, emphasise what qualifies you for a human resource job. Include HR jargons and key words such as 'Federal regulation compliances, healthcare benefits and diversity training' in your letter. Also, share your accomplishments.

5. Conclude your letter by expressing your gratitude for taking up the employer's time and consideration. Ask for a time when you could meet for an interview. Ensure that you express your enthusiasm for the human resource job.

6. Proofread your letter to ensure that there is no grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors.

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