Almost everyone has access to Microsoft Word (MS Word). With all the in-built templates, MS Word can help you build your resume. Here’s how you can create a new resume or edit your previous resume.

1) Click on the office button in Microsoft Word 2007 on the top left hand corner.

2) Choose “new” to open a new document. 

3) Look for “Resumes and CBs” in the left pane for a template.

4) Choose a template from the following – “Basic resume”, “Job-specific resumes” or “Situation-specific resumes”. Double click on the one you have selected to load it.

5) You may delete any existing information from the template by pressing the “delete” key.

6) Key in your contact details. Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

7) Key in your objective beneath your contact details. You may use the template as reference but create your personal set of objectives.

8) Enter your details under experience, education and accomplishment section in chronological order. You may include your accomplishments.

9) Always vet your work. Microsoft office has an automatic spell and grammar check. Beware of the spelling check as MS word follow the US standard. Make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English in Singapore. If possible, have a friend vet your letter before you send it.

10) Click on the office button and choose “save as” to store your resume under a desired location.

11) Print your resume on good quality white or cream coloured paper. To print, hold down both “ctrl” and “p” on the keyboard. You may want to print a few copies of your resume. To send your resume via email, click on the office button and choose “send” and “e-mail”. Type in your content and key in the email address of your receipt under the “to” field. Look through your email and check for mistakes before you hit “send”.

You may make any changes with your saved document in the future. Just double click on the file to open it and edit as required.

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