Your resume objectives appear at the top and communicate your career goals to employers.  Being one of the first things the employer reads, it’s an opportunity to make a positive impression.  Create an attention grabbing objective specific to the job you are applying for.

A targeted resume objective shows your employer you know what you want to achieve. State the position you are applying for along with the company. Pick one of your best qualities that are relevant to the position. For example, you may state your objective as “Sales manager position at XYZ organisation where I can maximise my communication skills and utilise my expertise in human relations.”

Basically, this applies to inquiry letters where a specific position is not stated.  In this case, both your best personal quality and the purpose of your career objective should be stated. You may state qualities such as ‘creative and highly motivated self’. Some examples to support the purpose of your career objective can be ‘to reach a large international audience’, ‘improve customer satisfaction’ etc. These purposes can be applied to many organisations. It demonstrates your ability to adapt and grow together with the company as you reach out to the customers.  Here’s an example of a general objective: “To exercise my communication skills while seeking a chance to improve customer’s satisfaction.”

In a specific resume objective, the skills are matched to the specific job position. It is essential to show your potential employer how your skills can add value to the organisation. You may start by jotting down a list of your skills and match them with the job scope or description. Summarise how your skills can be applied to the job you are applying for which makes you a suitable candidate. A specific resume objective looks something like: “Search engine optimisation position where I can utilise my SEO and organisational skills to optimise the experience by increasing site traffic and search engine placement.”

Resume objectives help to back up the goals you have stated in your cover letter. They tell your potential employer why you are contacting them.  Bear in mind that no single objective should look like another, draw inspiration from other examples and be creative.

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