Your business objective serves as a summary of your resume and tells your employers why you are capable of doing the job.  A well written business objective would have a higher opportunity of being read. Furthermore, if your resume ends up with the Human Resource department, a well written objective can help you in your job prospect by redirecting your resume to the appropriate department.

Include the Position of the Job
A business objective should include the position you are applying for and the company’s name. The job position can usually be found in the advertisement.

The Organisation’s Needs
As John C. Maxwell said, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Include the needs of the organisation in your objective. This can be picked up from the job description and your own research on the company. Identify what the company would need that you are able to provide. Match your skills to their needs.

Show Off Your Skills
A business objective reveals your ability to the company with the skills you possessed. Jot down a list of your skills and compare it to the job function.  An example would be “Sales manager at XYZ organisation where I can maximise my communication skills and utilise my expertise in human relations.”

Identify the organisation’s needs accurately and you have won half the battle. Convince your reader that you are the best candidate to meet their needs.

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