Most employers spend an average thirty seconds on your resume. Anything which appears sloppy or unfamiliar to the reader would be put aside.

Hence, when you are drafting your resume, it’s important to strike a balance between standing out from the pack and maintaining clarity.

Try these tips to help your resume stand out and win over your prospective employer.

1. Change the format and font used in your resume

Many job seekers usually use common or standard fonts when writing their resumes. Break away from this style and use fonts other than the usual Times New Roman and Arial. If the font used is too small or in script letters, chances are the employer would disregard it. One way of checking if your font is readable and eye catching is by asking people around you to critique it.

2. Fill your resume with unique verbs

Generally the types of verbs usesd are those that end with 'ed'. Examples include helped, administered, organised and more. With the aid of a dictionary, select impactful words to imply an end result. This can include ‘produced, analysed, created’.

3. State tangible or concrete figures

Pull away from saying you 'Trained all new employees', instead, give it a figure. For example saying ' I have trained over 75 new employees' demonstrates the depth of your experience and forms a clearer picture of your previous achievements.

4. Tailor your resume to the job

Help your resume stand out by demonstrating to the employer that this is a job you truly wish to apply for. As your employer reviews your resume, make them feel as though it’s written for the sole purpose of applying for that specific job. Refer to the job description and identify areas where your experience is relevant to the job description. Start your resume with an objective statement and demonstrating your interest in the specific position or company.

 5. Be consistent

Although this tip shuns away from the interesting aspect, employers mostly look for resumes where consistency is maintained throughout. This should be reflected in the formatting and font structure used. Pay close attention to your use of tenses when describing past or present experiences. When you are consistent in your resume, you help to improve readability of your resume thus giving your prospective employer a natural progression.

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