In her 14 years as CEO of artiste management agency Fly Entertainment, Irene Ang has only given the sack to one employee, Shin Min Daily revealed in a July 9 report.

The worker she fired was a very capable worker who worked efficiently and had many good ideas, the comedian-turned-entrepreneur said. The employee did so well that a promotion was given within just one year of the employee's recruitment.

So why did she fire such an employee?

According to Ang, the worker's high productivity could not make up for his crucial lack of integrity.

While the employee did well at first, Ang discovered that he had told many lies, even taking credit for other people's work and blaming others for his own mistakes.

Ang said that no matter how well a worker performed, lying was something she could not accept. As a result, she eventually sacked the employee.

When it comes to her staff, conduct is especially important, she said.

"Employees are representatives of the company, and the way they handle situations and treat others will affect the reputation of the firm," she said.

The sacked employee had been such a terrible colleague that two other staff members cried tears of joy upon hearing of his departure.

The incident has changed the way Ms Ang handles newly recruited employees.

When she employs someone, she makes it a point to have a one-on-one dinner with the worker so that she can better understand the employee and problems he/she faces.

She will even take notes so that she can further analyse the problems employees bring up, and think of solutions for them.

2 resignations in 6 months

Based on her experience as an employer, Irene Ang has noticed that younger workers lose their passion for a job easily. This year alone, the company has already seen resignations from two employees under the age of 25.

While one of the employees was a very hard worker, the worker was too sensitive and could not accept criticism.

"I like to ask my staff a lot of questions that will stimulate them to produce better work, but this employee felt I was making things difficult for her," Ms Ang said.

The other employee could not manage time well and was inefficient at work. This worker often had to work late, causing the employee's family to worry that the job was too tough.In the end, the employee resigned and pursued further studies instead.

Despite the problems with hiring younger workers, Irene Ang said she still feels a sense of accomplishment when she sees news employees growing and doing better over time.

Fly Entertainment has a total of 42 employees. Out of these, 80 per cent are 35 years of age and below.