An administrative assistant is like a right hand man to managers. They hold important roles in the company and have to have multi-task in order to cope with the high demand of work. Here are some of the ways you can become a better administrative assistant. 

1) Get well acquainted with Microsoft Office software which includes , Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. Read up about formulas and shortcuts that can help make your work to be efficient. It is a bonus if you have fast typing speed. Usually, 45 words per minute would be above average.

2) Show that you take your work seriously by dressing professionally and always show up on time. Nothing shouts unprofessional like a shabbily dressed employee who hardly shows up on time.

3) It would be good if you get yourself equipped with basic bookkeeping skills. Bookkeeping skills has been an increasingly in-demand skill for administrative assistant.

4) Always practise good phone etiquette no matter who the caller on the other line might be. Wear a smile and the receiver would be able to hear it. Similarly, put on a frown and the receiver surely will sense it through your tonality and attitude.

5) Be organised and learn how to file documents in a systematic order. You may file it by alphabetical or numerical order. Filing with an archived system takes effort but will surely pay off when you are retrieving a document filed years ago.

6) Your desk speaks a lot about you. Keep an organised desk and get access to a calendar that allows you to schedule your manager's appointment and have stationeries readily at hand for any notes taking. 

7) Adopt a positive attitude and let it show in the work you take pride in. Your colleagues and bosses will be able to tell the difference and a positive attitude always makes working on unpleasant assignments easier.

8) Don’t be afraid to ask. When embarking on your new job as an administrative assistant, clarify with your boss on your job responsibilities. Does he want you to schedule his travel calendars? What are the constraints you can work with and the budget you should take note of? Follow these guidelines and you’ll set off on the right foot.

As you work on the above pointers, keep in mind that having a positive attitude is the key to success.

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