During your job search, you would send your resume to numerous companies that interest you. So spend some time to perfect your resume that best reflect your experience and accomplishments.

Here are a few things that would be applicable and effective to reflect on your resume.


As you create your resume, it is important to draw attention to results instead of duties. Informing the reader what you did at your last job does not reveal how well you performed. For example, if you delivered a project on time within a given budget, mention the time taken and money saved for the company. These figures and details would help to prove the value of your worth.

Soft Skills:

Soft skills can range from personal to communication skills and habits, as well as the various ways you negotiate with difficult people. According to Kate Lorenz, an editor with Career Builder, soft skills are a good indicator of job performance, they should be emphasised equally as hard and job-specific skills. Common traits that hiring managers look for in a candidate are a combination of positive attitude, professional work ethics and good time management. For example, if you are a team player who exudes confidence and are willing to accept constructive criticism, highlight these soft skills on your resume as well.

List Past Jobs in Chronological Order:

Listing down your previous jobs is a basic must-have your resume. Format this chronologically in your resume so that it is easy to scan when you send to recruitment agencies. Furthermore this would make it widely acceptable for hiring organisations. Emphasise a bit more on your recent job as you list down your career history. In the case where you have more than 20 years of experience, it is recommended that you list up to 20 years of experience in a chronological list. Conclude this by including a summary at the bottom of the resume for further career notes.


Depending on the format of your resume, your educational background may fit best either in the beginning or ending of the letter. If you have just graduated, it is best to place it at the top considering you have no work experience. Format your education section by stating the year you graduated and your institution. Further coursework or special honours received should also be included in this section.

With ample research and homework, you can create a polished and relevant resume that will nab you a job interview.

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