In a competitive job market like Singapore, a strong and eye catching resume is crucial. This can create a good first impression and score you an interview.

A branding statement provides a description of your attributes, the value you bring to your employer and aspects that differentiate you from your competition. Adding this to your resume would show the employer you are the best fit.

Compared to an objective statement, a branding statement will eloquently summarise your overall experience, skills and natural talents to give you a competitive edge.

Here are some steps you can take to create a winning branding statement:

1. Create a list with all your general skill sets. This can include your management skills or basic software skills.

2. Go a step further and make a list with all your job-specific skill sets. Examples include ‘meticulous in tasks, good proficiency in language’ and more.

3. Write down your personal traits. Ponder and find out what words describe you best i.e. what are you passionate about? After making a list, narrow it down to the key things that would make you appealing to a new employer.

4. Form another list of your competencies where you can state all your problem solving skills. Do you have a leadership style, what communication style do you follow?

5. Identify a talent you possess and note that down. This would reflect how holistic you are as a learner.

6. Research on the company you're applying to and learn about the culture, mission statement and available positions.

7. With all the small lists you made, pick a skill from each list. Then ensure that the skill is relevant to the position and company's culture.

8. Include the number of years of experience you have in your field of work as well.

9. Showcase your unique appeal factor. Write and share how you are different from other applicants and what you can bring to the organisation. Try and phrase this in two to three sentences and place this statement below your name on the resume.

10. Create several drafts and then select the one you feel is most relevant for the job you are applying for.

All in all, your branding statement is akin to a condensed and restated version of your elevator pitch. It is like the pitch statement that shows the employer why you should deserve the job more than someone else.

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