Human Resource jobs these days juggle between various tasks ranging from basic recruitment duties to ensuring that employees are happy in the organisation.  A Human Resource assistant supports the line of communication between employees and the HR department.  They assist the management staff to perform a range of duties which includes answering of phone calls, administrative duties and screening of candidates. Here’s how you can become a Human Resource Assistant.

1) Start Early. Apply to be a HR intern during your school holidays. An internship gives you insights to the industry and offers you valuable experience that beefs up your resume. It is an opportunity for you to pick up skills relevant to your industry. 

2) Get well acquainted with Microsoft Office software which includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook. These are often used at most offices to track employees’ and candidates’ information.

3) As basic as it might sound, get familiar with the standard office equipments which includes your usual copier and fax machine. As a HR assistant, your tasks will include photocopying and faxing of handbooks and other materials for employees.

4) Having a second language is usually an advantage. A third language would be a bonus. As a HR assistant, it is essential for you to communicate directly with candidates whose first language may not be English.

5) Tailor your resume towards the job position of a Human Resource Assistant. Be mindful that your resume will be read by a HR manager who has been reading resumes for years. Check through your resume and ensure that there is not a single mistake, no matter how small. Keep a look out for punctuation and grammar mistakes, and ensure there is a proper sentence structure throughout your resume and cover letter. Make sure your spelling follows the British standard of English in Singapore. Getting the spelling wrong would not reflect well on you.

6) Dress appropriately for the interview. Display professionalism in the way you carry yourself and show your interviewer that you are prepared to take on the challenges of the job.

First impression counts, which means the preparation done to achieve your first impression matters. Be prepared, be confident and you will be well equipped to face anything thrown your way.

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