Even the most hardworking and educated professionals send out pathetic, unorganised resumes that aren’t worth the effort employers take to look through. Here are some tips on writing a strong and focused resume that you should not overlook.

  1. Be concise. Employers will not read your resume if you take too long to tell your story.
  2. Include multiple contact information. These include your home phone, mobile phone, work phone, email address as well as your mailing address. List names, city, and date of employment regarding employers.
  3. Be specific. In your resume, describe your accomplishments and skills using industry-specific terms. For example, if you are familiar with any industry-relevant software, explain how it has helped you to reach a milestone. Employers do not need a task list but want to know what you have accomplished so far in your career.
  4. Be neat. In a resume, everything matters including spelling, formatting, and even writing style. Ensure that your document is error-free or risk appearing careless.
  5. Be honest. Be careful not to over-embellish yourself while leaving a good impression. Take away anything on your resume that is not entirely true. For example, if you have yet to complete your degree, you can state that you are pursuing a Bachelor of Business in Marketing degree candidate and list the date that you expect to finish your degree.
  6. Have an objective. Include a line or two on your overall career goals but tweak to suit the job you are currently applying for. Ensure that your objective is realistic and open-ended, without being vague.

Follow these guidelines for your resume and you will land the job of your dreams with sufficient effort and follow-up.

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