Not only are they of paramount importance in this day and age, but accountancy is also one of the most stable careers around during a recession. Here are some steps to becoming an accountant.

  1. Be sure to do well in Math in school. Ask your career guidance counsellor which classes to take in order to prepare you for a degree in accounting. You can even request for a list of colleges or universities that offer accounting programmes and degrees.
  2. Write to colleges and universities for applications before your final year in school. In order to receive a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification in Singapore, you will need to be a graduate of accountancy in any of the three local universities: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, and National University of Singapore.
  3. Research on the degree requirements in which you hope to obtain your eventual CPA certificate. See the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore ( for more information.
  4. Ensure that the university which you apply offer accounting programmes that will fulfil all of the aforementioned requirements.
  5. Decide which field of accounting best suits your interest. The major fields offered are public, government, management accounting, and internal auditing. Keep in mind that within each field are numerous other subfields.
  6. Be proficient in many different accounting software packages.
  7. Take up part-time jobs or internships in accounting firms and try to gain full-time experience in the field. Many firms hiring entry-level accountants or fresh university graduates require this experience.
  8. Take the next step in achieving the Certified Public Accountants certification in Singapore. You will need some accounting experience, in addition to a bachelor’s degree, before applying.

Additionally, give yourself an edge in the job market by considering a master’s degree in accounting or in business administration with an emphasis in accounting.

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