As a Human Resource (HR) manager, you are responsible for the full HR spectrum. This includes liaising between both employees and employers and ensures that both parties received fair treatment. Your basic role as a HR manager includes sourcing for potential employees who will add value to the company and ensuring that employees are allocated relevant roles in the company.  You might also be required to run talent development programmes. Here’s how you can become a HR Manager.

1) Graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in human resources , administration and management. Obtaining a master’s degree in Human Resource would be a bonus. Be familiar and stay updated with the employment laws and regulations of Singapore.

2) If you are a student aspiring to be a HR Manager, start working on your dream now and take on relevant internships to boost not only your resume but also your industrial skills. An internship allows you to shadow your supervisor and learn about the profession even if you are doing merely paper work and other mundane duties.  Take your internship seriously and ask for a recommendation or appraisal at the end of your internship.

3) Take up classes on resume writing or research on how to write a good resume on STJobs’ Resume Builder. This will not only help you in creating your own resume but also show you what to look out for in the tons of resumes and cover letter s you will be reading as a HR Manager. 

4) Start with an entry-level position and work your way up to become a HR manager. Work your way up starting as a HR assistant and receive training from your HR Manager that can help you climb the ladder of success in the future.

5) As you work your way up to become a HR manager, you will be tasked with more responsibilities. Keep records of them in numbers and percentage and calculate your turnover rates and employee satisfaction. Work towards an improvement in these numbers each month.

6) When you are ready to take the next leap, look for HR Manager postings on STJobs.

HR managers hold significant positions in their companies and are rewarded with enticing salary packages depending on their experience.  If you have a passion in searching for and developing new talents , then the role of HR manager is definitely the job for you.

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